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Anyone who has delved into the math and sciences has been introduced to the problem of finding prime numbers. It is one of the holy grails of mathematics and is featured along with the Riemann Hypothesis, Goldbach’s Conjecture, and several others.

With a little spare time and little curiosity many math, enthusiasts explore the problem with the drive to poke around more seriously. Unfortunately, too much free time with prime numbers and you might as well be flirting with madness.

Lately, I’ve been flirting with madness. The problem seems simple enough. How hard could it be to find numbers WE…

Welcome to Love R&D

I like to think of love as my most actively developed product for the people I care most about. I think they deserve my best, which is a combination of work and deliberate design. Of course, we all fall short. I once had to put the marketing department on “permanent leave” after dealing with a couple of ill-timed AD campaigns in my teens. Since then R&D has carried most of the weight and even has its own customer service hotline. Their sometimes precarious experimentation doesn’t always result in useful data initially, but keeping track and paying attention seems to always…

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In Part 1, I dove into a web of issues surrounding inertial and non-inertial reference frames. There we cast doubt on how our reference frames have been defined and discovered that our current definition of time was causing a variety of problems. It got pretty intense so I had to pull back a little to keep working on gravity. It’s still in progress.

Back in Statistical Mechanics, I was ready for my next assignment. If you remember from last time, Schrodinger used a cat (probably the most ethical option due to the many lives function) in a thought experiment to…


Just a few weeks ago I dived into a research project about Schrodinger and uncertainty. I discovered that “Schrodinger’s Cat” was a thought experiment, devised by Schrodinger, to point out what was conceptually wrong with the accepted interpretation of the double-slit experiment. I looked around but never pinned down what the official error was so I decided to move forward with my research on uncertainty. So, I started with Newton and his 3 laws of motion and kept my eye out for anything suspicious.

It didn’t take very long before my plan unraveled along with the known universe. I’ve been…

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Erwin (Schrodinger’s Cat) has an existential crisis

Erwin Schrodinger was a renowned physicist whose contributions to physics earned him a Nobel Prize. He is also famous, of course, for Schrodinger’s Cat, a thought experiment, and paradox. I recently learned that this thought experiment was devised by Shrodinger to highlight a problem in the accepted interpretation of quantum mechanics. But, what problem was Schrodinger trying to highlight, and was it ever resolved?

For as long as I have known about this thought experiment, I was surprised to see that it was supposed to point out a problem. With a second critical glance and something to look for the…

If creativity means creating something from very little or nothing then I don’t consider myself an especially creative person. I’m not sure I’ve ever had an interesting thought that didn’t start with someone else’s. Whether you call it creativity or strategic randomness, I want to share with you how I have improved my creative productivity and process. I have focused my efforts on the kind of creativity that describes how things work (engineer here). The proof is embedded in the lines and graphics below. You be the judge!

I can’t say for certain that my method will work for everyone…

Computers are amazing at some tasks and surprisingly dull at others. What gives? What makes a computer able to crush mind-boggling math problems but fail at even the simplest existential questions we have? If you’ve ever noticed that people have an easier time answering a math question coherently than a question about their feelings you might wonder how correlated human thinking is to a computer. Here’s a thought. What if we are having trouble making computers “smarter” because computers are already as smart as we are?

It’s an amazing puzzle to me that this question seems both completely false and…

This article is an extension to Atomos. If you want to know more about Atomos as a concept-oriented language see parts I and II. Atomos gets its name here.

Language is, in many ways, a human-designed technology. It was developed by us for recording and transmitting ideas and thoughts. What I am curious about is how effective this technology is at doing what it was designed to do? …

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This is part 2 of a short series introducing Atomos, a conceptual framework that is being used to designing a concept-oriented programming language. Part I can be found here. If you are curious about how Atomos got its name you can find there here. Thanks!

In Part I, I introduced the idea of a concept-oriented programming language. Here I want to start introducing what that would look like to a developer. To keep it simple I want to focus on dimensions and how they can be used to simplify and accelerate computations. First, let’s clear up what a dimension is.

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Taking a short intermission from Atomos as A Concept-Oriented Programming Language, I thought it would be interesting to share where Atomos got its name.

Atomos comes from the Greek word “Atomos”. It means indivisible. The modern word “atom” is derived from the same. Since the word or idea was coined we have dedicated time and effort to understand the universe and break it down to its smallest components. While we haven’t gotten there yet, the benefits of trying have been indisputable. No one really knows how close we are and there are many places still to check. I wonder though…

Jaison Renkenberger

Expert Modeler | Scientist | Teacher | Engineer

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